The Impact of Grace

A fellow Grace International School volunteer staff shared this recently with our community:

“Encouraging News GIS Staff,

Having just stepped off the plane from Korea, I had an opportunity to visit GIS alumni at Handong University, Pohang Korea. With all the people I conversed with, they only had positive things to say about GIS and our staff. Students I never taught or knew really well were so excited to see a GIS representative. They shared how GIS was such a good foundation for them in many areas of life. 

The most interesting to me was one alumni is currently finding her own identity in God – not based on her MK experience or parents. She kept referring to how GIS staff came with no pay to teach students. The dedication the staff showed to pursue their passion of investing in the students is something that keeps her coming back to her Creator.

Be encouraged! You are changing lives in more ways than you realize.”