The Arrival of the Littlest Elliott

Piper Asia Elliott is Here!

She’s here! Piper Asia Elliott made her debut quickly, smoothly and naturally at 39 weeks and 6 days. One day shy of 6 weeks after the polyhydramnios diagnosis when we were told to anticipate her at any moment. Weighing in at a bitsy 5 pounds and 15 ounces, we’re now quite thankful for the growth that happened every last uncomfortable and eager day of pregnancy with her.

As for her condition, she was born with 350mls of amniotic fluid in her little bloated tummy. That was quickly suctioned out and she was whisked away for testing – the beginning of her journey to health.

Our current status in that journey is more waiting. Waiting after they were unable to identify the obstruction via ultrasound and moved into administering an enema dye that ran through her bowels to highlight the area of issue, also with the hope of removing any hardened stool blockage. This procedure has been at least partially successful but at the 36+ hour post-enema mark we’re still unsure of next steps, and if surgery will also be needed. So, waiting. Waiting. Praying. Trusting.

The pediatric team has been caring – of both her and us. Their compassion in the hardship of our newborn being supported by 9 IVs, tubes, sensors and other contraptions has been evident and encouraging. They’ve gently placed their hands on me more than once and even more asked us if we’re doing okay. We trust them.

One of the nurses asked Brian if he was worried about his daughter. He replied with an honest no, and went on to say we trust God with her, and we also trust them. We also shared with a few nurses that we consider her a gift from God. They loved that and repeated it in Thai – gift from God. May these be little big moments for the Kingdom.

And I’m in awe of God’s provision. After she was born and taken for testing I laid there counting the numerous answered prayers. One by one all throughout these last weeks, during labor, delivery and recovery, and in these first days post-birth, God has shown up in agreement with our petitions.

We’re still in limbo of knowing His answer for Piper’s intestinal healing but we trust ahead of the answer knowing he’s ahead of all our days. Plus, He’s so in love with her. We know because we’re so in love with her and his Abba Father love is impossibly bigger. Therefore, he’s got her best in store.

We attribute these victories and our strength and confidence very much to your prayers. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. And don’t stop now, please! Continue to intervene for Piper as her body fights and grows strong.

With love,
Brian, Amanda, Paxton & Piper