Thanksgiving 2013

American holidays tend to just come and go over here. No pre-excitement and minimal (good or bad) fuss, if any at all. We’ve even found ourselves missing the smaller holidays altogether – not even realizing until someone asks us if/how we celebrate. Well, we don’t! And while that’s a bit sad – especially in the first year when you’re just trying to survive culture shock and stresses – there are (at least) two neat bits that come out of this:

  1. We get to design and craft our own traditions for the larger, select holidays like Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving.
  2. The small community of Americans come together as family to celebrate. There’s nothing in America like our little pocket celebrations.

Last Thanksgiving we were invited to a friends house for a potluck dinner with a few other families. They led us through their tradition of pinning feathers of thankfulness on a paper turkey. We were each given a construction paper feather to write the highlights of our previous year, and then we shared with the group. There was sharing. There was laughter. There was together-ness. And that’s just like the Thanksgivings we left back in America. 🙂



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