Thanks and Farewell, America!

We’ve been in The States for 9 weeks – the most amount of time we’ve spent here in 5 years, and we leave in 12 hours.

I’m full and choked up reflecting on and clinging to the bouquet of treasured moments with you who gifted such love, joy, truth and fun during the time here. And if I stay in that romanticized place of good memories, surely I don’t want to go! 

But reality. I’m balancing the beauty in the processing, letting go and learning (oh the learning) from the intermittent impossible circumstances, frustrations and perceived failures that tend to accompany this furlough in-between for us.

There’s been a good bit of uncomfortable real this trip, and it means focused intentionality and a fight for change down the road. I don’t know why this was the opportune time for God to shake things up (seemed pretty inconvenient to me!), but I’m thankful. …and being real: I’m still in the throes and emotional nausea of the rollercoaster loop-de-loops such a revelation solicits.

So, with all that on mind and heart, we embark on our 26+ hours of travel to return home. And home we’re eager to be.

We’re off! Thanks for everything, ‘Merica.

Until next time,