Thailand Happenings: We Have a Car!


We’re sooooo excited, thankful, relieved, doing a little happy dance, and praising God that we now have our own car! A fellow missionary couple was selling their ’94 Honda Civic hatchback – a perfect little car for squeezing through the crowded, small streets of Chiang Mai. Awesome awesome awesome. And Paxton quite enjoys safely hanging out in his carseat!

The car, however, does have its quirks – primarily starting issues which will require repair in the coming months. (But they’re also the very reason the couple was selling at a deeply good price and we were able to swoop it up!) For the time being we’ve been instructed to carry around a hammer and say a little prayer before attempting to start the car. A good reminder to be reliant upon the Lord. 🙂

And, of course, the car doesn’t come without a God story. While we were still searching I (Amanda) met a gal whose husband grew up in Chiang Mai as a missionary kid. This fellow just so happens to be quite passionate about buying and fixing up old cars, and has helped several other missionary families find vehicles. She offered up his expertise saying he loves and is passionate about doing so. Total truth! He played a significant role in our confident purchase of this car. …and guess what, he currently owns the. exact. same. car. So, he (the hubs) knew all about the aforementioned quirks, how to sort them out and connected us with the trusted local shop he uses. Get out, right? God is too cool.

So, thank you to everyone who has contributed funds and prayers toward this purchase. If you’ve not given financially, might you consider doing so? All in all – car and repair – our total spend is 120,000 Thai baht (which is equivalent to $4,000). But whatever you do, please take a moment to happy dance with us!

Much love,
Brian, Amanda & Paxton


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