Temple Touring in Cambodia

One of our last days in Cambodia we opted for some temple touring. This particular one (there are quite a few!) was Beng Mealea, built early in the 12th century! Incredible.

It required a 2-hour tuk-tuk (open air motorbike taxi) ride through the country. Me and this growing belly were a bit hesitant at the potential discomforts of such a trek, but it was b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l. Actually, a highlight of the trip! It was pretty serene and we saw a lot more than we would’ve had we taken a van. We think Pax enjoyed it, too.

And then when we got to the temple, explore we did! Brian felt like Indiana Jones. I even let him borrow my hat for a bit so he visually fit the bill. 😉 The temple – being as old as it is – had quite a bit of destruction but the remaining was quite fascinating and certainly stirred our imagination to what might of been.  These structures are massive, ornate and even a bit sneaky. We learned a few snippets about tricks they had for keeping their treasures safe from intruders – fake doors and such. Just like the movies! (Or the movies just like reality?)  An art for certain!