Sculpting in the Waiting

It’s not an uncommon occurrence to lose running water at our house for anywhere from 2 hours to 2 days. Today is one of those days.

But it also happens to be a rainy day! Resourceful Brian grabbed the kids’ bath tub and mop bucket and stuck ’em out in the rain. Voila! He used that water to force flush (Google if you’re not familiar!) our toilets. 

As the rain came down into the buckets he even suggested I wash the dishes in our new liquid collection. …but then we both laughed as the murky water rose, figuring better off to leave our dirty dishes to crust a while longer.

These moments remind me to strive to live days flexibly, creatively and patiently. And laugh! So refreshing is a shared laugh. About as refreshing as a shower would feel right now… 

Sometimes growth, in any area, feels stagnant and hopeless. Like a warm, humid day without relief, no? But it’s just like God to gift these moments – sometimes seasons – to do his sculpting of us. Seeing this in many areas of our lives right now.

Trying to hang onto this today as we eagerly await that sweet sound of slow-dripping water refilling our tank.