Rainy Season Flooding

It’s been raining a lot this week and this is what the entrance to Grace International School has looked like the past couple days. They said it was even worse this morning so they cancelled school!

Since school was cancelled it provided me with some time to have some fun playing in the water and mud with Pax and Piper and to go for a run on one of my favorite trails here.

During my run I met a young guy from Germany who has been backpacking around Asia and New Zealand for the past year. He heads back to Germany in a couple weeks and has been reflecting a lot on his time away, what he’s learned, and how much he misses his homeland. We talked for quite a while about his travels, his future, and of course Thailand. He thought it was quite interesting that I lived here and he wanted to know more. Usually when I tell people I’m a missionary and I serve at a Christian International School for missionary kids they don’t say much and they change the topic. With him we kept talking about things but he came back to the topic and asked me why I decided to move to Thailand to be a missionary. I was pretty sure he wasn’t a Christian based on the things he said during our conversation. So his question was my open door to share about how God lead me here, about my faith in God, and how I want the people here to know God’s love, joy, and peace. It was a great convo and we could have kept talking but the mosquitos started attacking him and he was itching to get moving again and let me continue my run, plus he had a friend waiting on him to go. So we parted ways and I prayed for him as I continued my run back down the mountain.