Racing in Thailand

We recently had the chance to do two races together as a family – the first a rare-for-Thailand run-bike-run duathlon and the second a full-distance marathon for Brian while the babes and I ran a 10K.

We had loads of fun, and while towing these heavy little nuggets over a mountain I overflowed with thankfulness. This girl loves a good multisport race (swoon ) …even, and perhaps especially, when pulling the makers of my greatest multisport, parenting. 

Truth is, as much as we – with a combination of ease and effort – embrace all this beautiful country uniquely holds, we find ourselves missing much from our other home. And the fitness communities and a full race schedule we left behind are among those to be missed.

But while racing I was reminded of God’s pleasure in gifting us the very joys he’s designed us each particularly to enjoy. And then how he goes and uses them for his glory.

Brian has come into such a place among the athletic community here. Not only because of his role within the Athletic Department at Grace, but his humble, natural abilities and commitment to health, and his desire to support others as they pursue the same.

He placed 5th overall in the duathlon and won 1st overall in the marathon + set a new PR. It was awesome to see him breeze past us as we started the 10K, accompanied by a lead truck (flashing lights and all!) and a bicycle ridden by a local high-ranking officer who was assigned to chaperone the first place runner.

Over the years friendships have forged in these athletic circles, and we don’t know why this platform has been given but we try to always remain sensitive, available and ready for opportunities to share He who gives these good gifts.