Pregnancy Happenings: Healing Baby Elliott

Isaiah 41-10

I thought I was feeling like most pregnant women in the third trimester – huge and less-than-comfortable. I’d heard enough women talk about how different each of their pregnancies were that I’d simply concluded that Paxton was an easy carry. This babe is not. But that’s totally manageable because it means that this babe will be an easy first year, right? Life always has those fair trade offs, right?

But I’ve received a bit of validation along with a strange sense of comfort in now knowing that this babe truly isn’t smooth sailing. Baby Elliott #2 and I were diagnosed with polyhydramnios – a condition in which there’s an excessive amount of amniotic fluid build up. There’s much that we don’t know about the exact cause, but we do know that Baby has a bowel obstruction that isn’t allowing him or her to properly process and rid of the amniotic fluid he or she is consuming – hence the backup.

Until Baby is born and tests can be run our knowledge of the condition is fixed. We understand and are preparing ourselves for the significant chance that surgery will be required to correct the intestinal abnormality.

In the meantime I’ve been put on medication to stop pre-term labor. A complication of polyhydramnios is increased chance of preemie birth, and I’d been experiencing rolling contractions along with other early signs of labor. I was just shy of 34 weeks at the time. And because we’re looking at the possibility of surgery it’s imperative that a birth weight of at least 6.6 pounds is achieved because pediatric surgeons can’t operate under that minimum.

While we intensely dislike even the thought of our baby undergoing tests and surgery (abso-everything-lutley dislike) these are the times when the peace from knowing God is in control exponentially covers the awfulness.

And really, this isn’t coming during a time of spiritual high-ness for me. I don’t say that from a mighty mountaintop. More a felt plateau kind of place. But coming from that place of lack has allowed for a flood of peace to enter in. How sweet God has been to show himself right here throughout the last week. With that kind of scale tipping I’ve found it hard to not be peacefully confident as we wait for all of this carry out. He’s here, and because of that we can rise above the circumstances.

So, this babe IS harder to carry. Officially. I AM huge. Officially. The increased physical discomfort is real. But perhaps that strange mental comfort is because now I know I wasn’t just being a wimp. Feeling like a wimp don’ prepare for labor, delivery, recovery and the early days of baby care.

Our next ultrasound is on January 20th and we’re praying for complete healing of Baby’s intestines. It’s our specific petition and we’re asking it boldly. We request and hope you will, too.

Beyond that, and yet still surrendering to God’s will, we’re also asking:

  • For a natural labor and delivery to still be possible. Another complication of poly can mean increased likelihood of a c-section.
  • For wisdom and clarity for doctors as they conduct post-birth testing and surgery as necessary. (We have total confidence in the specialists and facilities here but divine insight and ability is nonetheless always invited.)
  • That this will not interfere with the ability to breastfeed.
  • For special care for Paxton. We’re working to creatively build a plan for him if a prolonged hospital/NICU stay is necessary.

And that’s where we are. Thanks for being in it with us. And here’s to hoping the next update is an adorable picture of this healthy little one.

Until then, love from the four of us.