Pregnancy Happenings: Bringing Baby Elliott Home


Us again. Us standing together as the smoke clears and the dust settles, holding all that’s left intact of our plan: Bring Baby Elliott home.

The ultrasound results were anti-climactic. The session was actually cut short because I started to feel faint. They had me lying on my back so the full weight of Baby, belly and all was on a critical vein, cutting off circulation. They moved me to side lying, brought me a fan and wrapped it up quickly. All that was concluded was that there is still an obstruction and it’s in the small bowel.

The bomb dropped when our doctor strongly suggested that we transfer hospitals – from the private to the public government hospital. Perplexingly enough, this appears to be the most medically wise route to ensure Baby receives the immediate attention he or she may need. The two hospitals are next door to each other – even sharing an open corridor on the bottom floor. It’s all too easy to feel like all this saves is one elevator ride, but…

Okay, God. Your will.

She also informed us that the public hospital does not allow anyone to be with the laboring mother. No Brian. No doula. Just me and perhaps another laboring mother separated by a curtain because this public hospital is …public. The labor room is shared. The delivery room is shared. The recovery room is shared. There aren’t even curtains in the recovery ward. Just two dozen or so beds lined up against the walls.

But she followed that this-can’t-be-happening-blow with her intent to talk with the head nurse about flexing the solo rule for us foreigners. And was successful in doing so. Ohhhhh exhale. Brian can be present during labor and delivery. A strange success and privilege I suppose.

The open recovery space though doesn’t allow for Brian and Paxton to stay. They’ll man camp at home for those anticipated 1-2 weeks while Baby heals in NICU – seeing Baby and me during visiting hours.

My head has yet to wrap around this, but maybe it’s not meant to. Maybe this is a palms-up moment where we fall into who we know God to be: sovereign, merciful and fully good – relying on that to carry us to the moment when we finally bring Baby Elliott home.

Until then and with love,
Us Elliotts