Piper’s First Birthday!

Beautiful Piper is 1 today. Hip hip hooray!

Her playfulness and sense of adventure has exploded as of late. Just last week she climbed up on a stool, pulled herself up to the counter, grabbed her sippy cup, climbed down and drank it. Impressive, unexpected and so coordinated! She learns a lot from big brother, and she adores him (mostly). Her teeth are abundant (12!) and her smile is a big ‘O’. Her love for coconut water has us opening 4 coconuts every day, and she only drinks ’em fresh. 😉 She’s small, she’s cute and we love her so. 

And we saw her surgeon last week for her one-year follow-up. All good news! Her surgeon said she looked good. She’s small but developmentally strong. There’s really not much to report – praise God!

We stopped by the NICU to see her nurses too. That’s always neat. We look forward to it every time. They gathered around her – all wanting to hold and take pictures with her. They snapped plenty + we had prepared a printed picture to leave behind with them. It was well-received. 🙂

On her first anniversary of life we’re also celebrating all of you who prayed for her during pregnancy, birth and her time in the NICU. Thank you!

Happy birthday, Pip!