Paxton Met Our Screen Door Today

I initially titled this post ‘My Most Favorite Post Ever’. And it is.

Paxton was crawling around in the kitchen when I stepped onto the patio to hang our clothes to dry. Then this happened. He crawled up to  our strange contraption of a screen door and tried to proceed through it. BUT COULD NOT! He try, tried again. …but still could not. In his relentless effort he had me bent over in laughter. Like, really laughing. I haven’t laughed that hard in a good while.

And that encouraged him. When he saw me laughing he would do his little giggle and ram right back into the screen. That allowed for many fantastic photographs.

P.S. In the second to last photo you can see a little red blotch on his upper lip. He got his first fat lip this week. He was crawling, stopped and toppled forward. :'(