Organic Market Eats

It’s very common for open air markets to “open” only two days each week. There are several within a few miles of our house. There’s the Monday/Wednesday market, and two Tuesday/Thursday markets – one of them being an organic market. Essentially these consist of dozens of vendors (who are also the farmers/growers and cookers). Think: Farmers market on a very intimate scale.

The organic market is a favorite, and this is what Brian brought home for dinner one night. We don’t eat from the markets all that often but it’s fun when we do. I LOVE the way they wrap “dishes” in banana leaf. Isn’t it beautiful? The two side dishes (lighter green leafs) are chicken and vegetables with seasoning and the middle is purple sticky rice with coconut meat shreds. And those bags in the back? Those are bamboo dishes. There’s a very Thai way of puffing up the bag with air and tying it with a rubber band. I’ve been shown how to do it a few times but I don’t quite have the hang of it. It’s hard!