Merry Christmas from The Elliotts


Merry Christmas to you!

Along with this advent season, we’re celebrating our first year in Thailand. Theyear has been one of tremendous hardships, tears, breakthroughs, indescribable joy, humility, and tearing down and building up. A journey for certain! Through it all we’ve learned that we’re strong. And God is making us stronger still.

Despite the days when hope seemed lost (we were sure we packed it when leaving America last year!) we look back on this year with thankfulness and a newfound perspective of taking life lightly while carrying and sharing the weight of eternity throughout a dark, dark country. We know God desires redemption through Christ in Thailand and we’re honored to be a part of the venture in doing so. Thanks for joining in with us.

Your support, prayers and readership are such a gift to us.

Much love,
Brian, Amanda & Paxton