Little Pieces With The Elliotts




Hi there!

Brian, Paxton and I want to share more of our day-to-day with you. We love using newsletters to write about Grace International School, stories from neat happenings and how our lives (and hopefully others!) are being transformed, but we realize these periodic updates also leave out a lot.

We think of it like a puzzle. Our newsletters represent the corners and other easily identifiable pieces while the daily happenings are the remaining hundreds of here and there pieces. And without both you’d never get to see the complete picture.

So our “little pieces” method is a weekly-updated picture gallery on our website. We’ll send emails here and there to invite you to stop by, but know we’re committed to regular updates so bookmark and visit at your own promptings as well.

You’ll see a mix of work, at-home, play, getaways, sights – essentially the same elements of any family! Only we’re in a foreign country.

This is our effort to bring you into the bigger picture of our work by God’s grace in Thailand.

With love,
Amanda on behalf of The Elliott Trio

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