Lahu Container Project

There isn’t a formal recycling system here in Thailand. BUT I must say that I’m regularly amazed at the resourcefulness of Thais.  They don’t throw away much!
But to help with us westerners Grace has a collection bin to recycle plastic containers. And those containers are then distributed to a nearby community. Here’s what was shared after the last drop:
“My friend and I brought the containers to the Mae Ngad Noi village on Friday night, which was around 120 KM from Chiang Mai. It has 16 families there. We spent a night there and shared a lot of things with them.  
The next morning we distributed the containers in 16 bags — one bag for every house. The interesting thing was that there are many students who need to pack lunch for school and they don’t have containers for this!  So, many girls and boys were so very happy with the boxes which can be used as lunch containers! 
Thank you so much for all who collect these containers through GIS for the Lahu villages.  Still there are many Lahu villages who need these containers.”

Lahu kids with lunch containers

Lahu Container Truck

Lahu Container Piles

Lahu Village with Containers