Home Sweet Home


Piper has been home well over a week now. And it’s good. She’s eating well. Pooping well. Sleeping well. We’re pretty content not asking much more of a one month old. …especially one that we couldn’t even ask to go #2 for the first week or so.

Thank you for praying her home. And thank you for loving on us during her time in the NICU. You reached out in myriad ways – however your lives, circumstances and stories allowed.  I especially loved hearing from the other many of you who have walked through intensive care baby times. I’ve come to realize there’s quite the band of NICU mommas, and it was a treasure to unite.

It was a reminder, too, of how God can use these stories of ours. Many times we found our strength in the confidence of knowing whatever happened, whatever tomorrow held, He would use for good if we invited him – any combination of our personal good in Christ-like character development, good in opportunities to point to Him or good for others as we’re able to walk a little closer in understanding.

We love that Piper already has a big story in her little life. She may not remember it herself but may its ripples impact the kingdom and her scar (if her incision leaves one, which I’m all for because I think scars are cool – like a conquered battle wound!) become a badge of God’s goodness.

And we’re still believing the Lord is pursuing Piper’s nurses. Please continue to pray for them.

We’ve been back to the NICU with a thank you basket, and will continue to visit from time to time. They loved seeing her again. They swarmed around with their phone cameras to capture her!

I’d love to say we’re now hibernating and making the adjustment from trio to four-o but we’re actually America-bound next week. Yes, THE trip is light speed approaching.

That said, if you’re in Texas (Hurst or Nacogdoches area) or Arizona (Phoenix) and want to connect but don’t yet have it in the plans, do message. Otherwise keep an eye out for open house-style get-together invites (via Facebook) for those two states.

Thanks again to you and bon voyage to us!
Brian, Amanda, Paxton & Piper
P.S. If you’d like to donate toward Piper’s medical expenses, thank you. You can do so via our Donate page.