From Our Home To Yours

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Happy two years to us! We landed in the Kingdom of Thailand on December 3rd, 2012.

One of my favorite early memories is when we discovered that the sheets we brought with us didn’t fit the bed in our first pre-furnished house. Our solution was to lie out the flat sheet as wide as we could beneath us and cocoon ourselves together in the fitted sheet every night for weeks. It still makes me giggle. (Which I’m quite thankful for because at the time I wanted to cry.)

We’ve come to learn that this is true of all beds here in Thailand. Western sheets don’t fit properly. Even Paxton’s crib mattress has a finagling of an American standard crib sheet. “Weird bed sizes in this country”, we thought.

But I now love how so much that was once “weird” has become our norm. Two years will do that.

Because this once strange place is now quite comfortable to us I couldn’t help but laugh and ponder when Brian sent me our itinerary for a 6-week stay in The States next spring. All he wrote above the barrage of departure and arrival times, flight durations and layovers was: “We’re going to America! Love, B”.

Visions of the Statue of Liberty in all her glory came. There was the waving of an American flag in the background, and I could hear Neil Diamond’s ‘Coming to America’ over the loudspeaker of my mind. …and it was the early 1900s and we were immigrants living in black and white.

A bit silly, yes. And backwards indeed. In reality, our passports are that familiar matte navy and are emblazoned with the Great Seal of the United States. Epic-ness of the journey lost.

Anyway. All to say: we’re visiting home! (In all the oxymoron one can squeeze into a three-word proclamation.)

And with us we’ll be bringing some Thailand to share. Some shared through word and some through cultural handicraft.

Word being opportunities to speak at your church, small group, a get-together in your home or community otherwise. Can we connect with you and your community to share about our work here? We’d love to. We’ll be in Texas and Arizona for 6 weeks – late March through mid-April throughout Dallas, Tyler and Nacogdoches, Texas and then mid-April to early May in Phoenix, Arizona. To explore and schedule these opportunities simply reply to this newsletter or email us at

The other way we’re really excited to share Thailand with you is through the sale of Thai artisan products. We’ve carefully selected 20 items that represent the culture and people of Thailand, and are making them available to you for purchase.

All orders will be hand carried (in luggage) back with us next Spring. If you’re in any of the cities we’ll be visiting, we’ll coordinate personal delivery. If you’re elsewhere we’ll work with you to calculate shipping costs, and will mail in early April. More details about products and ordering are within the product page.

Happy shopping!

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Products can also be viewed at for those without a Facebook account. (Click on the images for descriptions and details.) Orders can be placed by emailing

As always, thanks for your love and support while we serve and do life over here. We’re eager to see many of you in the spring.