Extra! Extra! Paxton Required to Vacate Crib by February 2015!

Paxton's Eviction

It was a morning like any other. Paxton woke at an early hour and crawled to the edge of his crib to pull himself up and bellow his alarm clock cry. But as he opened his mouth to exclaim, he stopped short. For a sign had been tacked to the side of his crib some time during his slumber. An eviction notice! And the culprits were his own parents!

“We’re doing much to prepare a special place in our hearts and home – and in my case, belly – for Little Elliott #2. Paxton’s eviction is by no means an indication of a lesser love for our firstborn. It’s simply protocol – carried out after thoughtful consideration in regards to what is best for our budding family”, shared Mrs. Elliott when approached for comment.

Although no mention of his future place of sleep was made by Mr. or Mrs. Elliott, a source shared exclusively with Elliott Press that materials have been secured for a “fun and festive teepee bed”. The Source was confident that Paxton was being made to feel more of a hero than victim in making way for his little sibling. He, however, was not available for comment because he does not yet speak. Nonetheless, after the initial shock had worn off, his playful smile returned and was taken as assurance that he would embrace the situation fully.

-Reap Orter, Elliott Press