Doi Kham Hike

Doi Kham is a mountain about 3 miles from our house with a temple at the top. Doi = mountain in Thai.

There are two ways to get to the top – either long, steep stairs or a long, windy and steep road. We love hiking and running up both ways. We went up with some friends one weekend and discovered it was a Buddhist holiday. There were tons of folks stopping to light incense and pray to the idols. They were also “making merit” by giving offerings to the statues and/or gifting these orange buckets full of goods for the monks. Have you ever seen such a stash? Wow!

And the green statue soldier? That’s a demon designed to ward off evil spirits.

As you read this, if you know the Lord, will you pray for these folks? That they will have the opportunity to know the freedom of the One True God …not requiring any sacrifices or merit making because Jesus came to be just that once and for all for all of us. Each and every one of us.

And if you don’t know it yourself, perhaps you can pray for God to reveal himself to you. He does. He does.