Deeper Roots in Thailand


We’re back home here in Chiang Mai. And so good to be! No great revelation here but the more time that passes, the more our life here feels like a favorite comfortable, familiar, worn-in chair. Following this last furlough I noticed a marked difference. Like a super soft spot in the leather where all those hours of sitting have begun to wear away and mold around you.

The cow blocking the roadway today wasn’t a terribly odd occurrence, and wasn’t even a smidge frustrating. The power that went out this morning wasn’t a big deal. (No fans? What’s a little more sweat to add to the sweat I’m already and always sweating!) I was a little less fearful using my limited Thai when getting Paxton’s hair cut a few hours ago. …and more content with the very-little-like-the-haircut-in-the-picture result. Again.

Even our home is such a beautiful reflection to me of the progress in our journey here. Our first house and its blue curtains did nothing good for my well-being. Nothing. But our home today – 2.5+ years in the making – is a slowly acquired compilation of furnishings and decor. Some handed down from other expat families who have gone on to their next right place, some meaningful and handmade creations (it’s always soooo good for my soul to create something. anything!) and a number of items that serve as reminders of this blended life we live as Americans in Thailand.

This home has become our comfy reading chair. Our retreat from the culture we’ve learned to live in but still don’t fully understand and struggle in daily.

The marked difference is spiritual, too. I feel as though I’m exiting a wilderness time and entering into abundance. It wasn’t forty years (thankfully!) but felt like an eternity of quiet, distant wrestling with far more questions than I had answers. I wouldn’t change a lick of that time but would definitely lick a bug sold at the market to not re-walk it.

Although the pace throughout our America trip was a bit frenetic, the time away allowed us to reflect and gain perspective. And to be encouraged. So encouraged.

The conclusion? Our roots in Thailand are getting deeper. Our roots in Christ are getting deeper. GOOD.

Another good conclusion is Piper. She’s doing so well. She’s getting a little bit of chunk. That sweet, adorable baby chunk. She’s healthy. She even got her first tooth this week. She’s taking it like a champ. Teeth have nothing on our tough little lady!

Plus, every baht (the Thai currency) here and penny in America of her medical expenses has been covered by you, our faithful friends and supporters. God showed faithful through you yet again. Thank you.

Love you guys.

With our hope and hearts in Christ,
Brian, Amanda, Paxton & Piper