Chiang Mai Night Safari

While my sister was visiting we went to Chiang Mai Night Safari. It’s much like a zoo in the States. We were able to walk around the park and peek at and learn about the animals – some very familiar and some very not! She loves the zoo at home in Phoenix so it was a might see. 🙂

There was a really neat tiger show, too. Impressive animals.

Afterward, we were in the ‘Tiger Dome’ checking out all the different breeds and an earthquake hit. Whoa! Who know Thailand had earthquakes? Apparently they’re pretty common, just typically on a very small, unfeelable scale. This one, however, was a 6.3 and wreaked quite a bit of havoc at its core – 115 miles away in Chiang Rai. Here in Chiang Mai it was strong enough to shake the dome pretty good. And in that moment we were thankful those cages were secure!