Cambodia Travels

In mid-August we ventured over to Cambodia to celebrate my birthday with a race. Marathon for Brian and half for me and Pax (in the running stroller).

We’d registered for this race in the spring – months before Little Elliott #2 was known. And, unfortunately, morning sickness hit just about the time I was training for my longer 10+ mile runs. I just kept telling Brian I felt inexplicably weak. Perhaps it was the humidity? Or Pax had gained weight and was harder to push? (Ha!) Was I just being a wimp? I was thankful once it all clicked and I unashamedly gave in to the slow days of the first trimester.

I ran a little here and there when I felt strong enough and figured I’d still go for it come August. Bummer though is that we didn’t take one. single. picture of the race. So silly of us. Brian’s race started a few hours before mine and Pax’s so he went ahead of us from the hotel. So no starting line pic. Then I had the camera in the stroller but felt really great the first half of the race and didn’t stop for pictures. And when I did stop it was because Paxton was experiencing baby meltdown. That was consuming enough. Before either of us stopped for memory’s sake we’re back at the hotel pool with no record of the morning.

But it does make us feel a bit better that we both had just pretty okay races. Mine started strong – better than I expected even! But by mile 8 Pax was getting restless. He ate as I slowed to a pace where I was could coordinate well enough my hand to his mouth. After eating it was nap time but he had a hard time falling asleep. That made for a bout of crying as we strolled past the curious local course spectators. All in all I learned that I have some baby race strategy to work on before our next event. It’s a whole new element to plan for in a successful race!

Brian, on the other hand, wasn’t feeling well from the beginning. His legs felt slow and tired. (Perhaps because he was still recovering from the Phuket marathon the month prior.) He still managed the distance well (as he always does IMO) – including the extra mile and a half the poor course mapping included. Ouch! The neat bit of his race was that the top 12 runners had bicycle escorts the entire race. Brian landed 9th overall – creeping back from 3rd early on in the morning – so he had the company of a rider to chat with for his whole race. The riders were assigned a number and would stay with the corresponding runner. As Brian slowly went from 3rd to 9th he had the chance to talk with those 7 riders. That was a highlight for him.

So, we may not have pictures to share of the primary reason we went to Cambodia BUT we do have lots of pictures of our being tourists. I’ll use a few different posts over the coming weeks to share. 🙂











These small spirit houses are nearly identical to those found in front of homes and businesses across Thailand. Buddhist practice is to place daily food and drink offerings for the spirits who are believed to live within.