Bicycle Wreck With Truck

Last Thursday I was commuting on my bicycle to the community center I volunteer at in a small village in Chiang Mai, Thailand and hit an oncoming truck as I took a sharp left turn after a steep down hill.  I knocked a piece of paneling off the front right wheel covering, broke the review mirror off, scratched the side of the truck with my handlebars, dented the door, and shattered the windshield with my helmet.  After I landed I immediately jumped back up and started walking around.  No headache or any head trauma, incredibly!  But, I have a bruised hip and a scratched up elbow.  Not too bad for the way the truck looks.  And my bike is just fine!  It’s a single speed mountain bike.  I did end up having to pay about $170 to the driver’s insurance company even though I’m not really sure whose fault it was, and in Thailand it’s always the bigger vehicle’s fault…unless you’re a foreigner, then it’s usually your fault. God was definitely looking over me and protecting me.  All the police, the driver, and other people who saw the truck thought I should be dead…or injured a lot worse.  (By the way…the spot where I hit my head is directly in front of the driver’s seat!  I bet he was freaking out a bit!)  Attached is a picture of the truck.
So, be praying for protection over here from all sorts of things against us: spiritual attacks, physical attacks, mental and emotional attacks, and financial attacks.  Good things have come out of  it though:  It has been a tremendous testimony to everyone (including the kids at the center) who has seen my wounds and the pictures, showing how great God is and how He protected me.
Thanks so much for your continued prayers and support.
In Him,
Brian Elliott
PS…the helmet didn’t even break!  Amazing!

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