A Smashing Welcome

Update from America: We arrived safely to Texas last Wednesday morning. Thanks for praying us over. It was our smoothest trip yet.

27 hours later we were t-boned going through an intersection. Brian’s Dad was driving us over to visit Brian’s Grandma when a young gal ran a red light. Brian was passenger and I was back middle with the babes on either side of me.

The other vehicle hit pretty squarely at Brian’s door and sent us skidding off the road and into a brick business sign.

When I got to Brian he was unconscious and remained so for 10 eternity-long, forever-seared-in-my-brain seconds. He regained consciousness as I was pressing my hands on him and petitioning God to heal his body.

A small crowd gathered to help and informed us the truck was smoking and we ought to get out quick. We all clambered out to the curb where folks brought us blankets and water.

Within minutes ambulance, police and firefighters arrived and began their triage. Papa was okay, Piper was okay and Paxton was okay. Soreness, scratches and bruising would surface later but at this point they three were cleared. I had a painful protrusion on my right forearm where a car seat shifted into it. Brian got the brunt of it and slowly but accurately answered some basic questions. I did find it a bit odd that he answered his name as Matthew. This is actually his legal name – Matthew Brian Elliott, but he’s gone by Brian forever.

Come to find out he didn’t regain full consciousness for another 20 minutes. So for him his last memory is putting on his seatbelt pulling out of his Dad’s driveway and his first memory is “waking up” on a stretcher in an ambulance with a neck brace. Everything in between is gone.

The four of us rode in the ambulance while the police took Brian’s Dad home to get a second vehicle and meet us at the hospital. Brian and I were both admitted – him for concussion and me for my arm. I had x-rays done with the conclusion it would heal on its own. And it has. The first few days I was unable to use arm and hand, but am now about 85% full-functioning.

It was only when the message-relaying nurse came to my room to inform me that Brian was refusing a CAT scan did I know he was fully alert. You guys know him and know what I mean! Relief and gratitude settled in a little deeper.

The gal driving the other vehicle was also okay physically. She was sobbing and repeatedly apologetic when I went over to hug and comfort her, offering our understanding and forgiveness.

It could have been so. much. worse. There are so many little miracles in this story, and miracles point right back to God do they not? We know so firmly and comfortingly that he was holding us even still in this seemingly horrendous happening.

So we’re 5 days in America and 4 days in accident recovery. We’re taking it easy. …but we do have 4 flights booked in the next week and a half, and don’t know that Brian can safely and wisely get on any of them. He’s feeling stronger every day but a concussion is a concussion. Will you pray for that specifically? We’re not trying to push it unnecessarily but are also not trying to miss long-awaited, meaningful commitments unnecessarily either. It’s a balance and we need God’s guidance to help us strike it right.

Thank you to everyone who has rallied around us – a meal, care & a listening ear & gifts for the kids, a loaned vehicle, essential oils, prayers, and emotional & trauma recovery support. We love you.

And thank you, America, for A+ emergency support. I’m so grateful for that in this country. So, so grateful.