6 Weeks Later

…and we’re back in Texas, ya’ll. 

Arizona was fast and full, and it doesn’t ever feel like enough. Thank you to our Phoenix family and friends for everything. Now we have 2 more weeks in this here Lone Star State. 

In regards to physical recovery, we’re pretty solidly in the snail’s pace of progress. Brian and I are both seeing a chiropractor regularly and doing at-home care as we continue healing our injuries. His body is just out of whack. He hasn’t gone for a real run or worked out in 6 weeks. Weird. My right forearm and hand are often achey and some activities cause sharp pain between two of my fingers. There were several days last week that it just felt like someone was squeezing my hand hard all the time. It comes and goes.

Can I just say though it’s been a weird time? This type of trip is already weird in the sense of being between worlds and cultures and home-but-not-home. And then add the accident and its physical and emotional aftermath. More weird. 

Piper dreads being in the car. She’s ever so aware of her vehicular surroundings and she compliments my slowing to a stop whenever a light turns yellow as we’re approaching – “That was a GOOD stop, Mommy!” She likes to read or sing or color while in her carseat to distract herself. She’s finding her own ways to soothe her anxiety and it’s so sad and so sweet.

A few days ago we took cookies and thank-you cards to all the first responders + individuals from nearby businesses who helped us at accident.

It was such a beautiful practice to dose the grief with gratefulness and love. We got to see and thank the fire department crew who were present that day. I loved it so much!

And when we got into the car to leave Paxton said: “Maybe God is changing it for me to be a firefighter when I grow up.” (He had declared his intent to be a pilot just a few weeks prior.)

And while talking with a gal who helped us with information about insurance, claims and reimbursements she didn’t hesitate to say the “angel armies” were clearly present in this accident. And we’re believing that as truth. Piper has also spoken of a particular angel, Gabriel, who has been with her in times of fear. It really is amazing we all walked away with only the injuries we did.

This time in The States has been so very different than we imagined or plotted out, and we’re trying to stay open and be present in the weird. 

With love,

P.S. A little reminder that we do sometimes share quick updates in our Facebook group. I’ll share the two biggies here that piece together happenings between our first accident newsletter and this one in case you missed them.

February 22nd  

We did cancel Brian’s weekend flights and plans to compete in the USA Stair Climbing Championship in Vegas. That was a tough, bummer of a decision. He’s cleared to fly, but his body just isn’t ready for such physical strain.

Yesterday we visited a chiropractor and will continue varying degrees of recovery work—Brian’s being the most intensive—throughout our time in The States. And we’ll just have to wait and see what, if any, ongoing work will be needed upon our return to Thailand.

March 3rd 

We are all currently in Phoenix and will be until the 18th of this month. The travels went smoothly.

Brian has been steadily improving. He’s not able to run for another week and a half, and you can imagine that’s a special kind of torture for him. But he’s taking it well and resting as much as he can.

My forearm gets achy from time to time and still has inflammation, but I’m not restricted in mobility. So thankful for that!

Piper talks about the accident every day and tells us she’s scared often, especially when getting ready to drive somewhere. It makes my heart ache, but she’s sharing and talking and processing and that’s good. Pax is playing tough guy and tells us he was brave and not scared, but he did also say it was the “worstest” thing that has ever happened to him. 

Brian’s dad is doing fine physically, and is seeing a chiropractor as well. He’s been dealing with the insurance hullabaloo. It’s enough to make anyone’s head spin.

The accident has added new logistics and time demands to our days here but we’re trying to take it all in stride and know God will connect us to the right people and the right people to us for our support-raising and relational needs.

Thanks again for your loving messages and prayers. Thankful. ❤️